Mindful Minute - Week of 9/19

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This week's focus: Emotion

The Mindful Minute is a weekly dose of tips to keep you in alignment with the highest version of yourself. Each week we'll include a quote, question, and quick note from the founder to inspire self-discovery and balance along your journey.
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Quote of the Week

“You are, after all, what you think. Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.” - Elizabeth Gilbert

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To Consider

Where are you latching on to repetitive thoughts that no longer serve you and allowing them to dictate your emotional well-being?

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From the Founder

Our emotions have powerful impacts on our energy levels and overall well-being. When we learn to take control of our thoughts and observe them from a different perspective, we can notice the ones that no longer serve us before they dictate our emotions. When we learn to master the mind, our emotions follow suit.

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