Mindful Minute - Week of 5/22

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This week's focus: Balance

The Mindful Minute is a weekly dose of tips to keep you in alignment with the highest version of yourself. Each week we'll include a quote, question, and quick note from the founder to inspire self-discovery and balance along your journey.
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Quote of the Week

"Balance is not about living in the middle; it's about constantly readjusting your course to align with what's most important to you." - Anonymous

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To Consider

How do you currently balance your work, personal life, and other commitments? Are you satisfied with the balance you have achieved?

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From the Founder

Balance was something I really had to learn when starting a business and going through major transitions in my life. I’ve learned that when we have balance in our lives, we are able to manage stress, overcome challenges, and maintain positive relationships in more empowering ways. We are able to prioritize our needs, cultivate healthy habits, and pursue our passions without neglecting other areas of our lives.

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