Beautiful Sanskrit Words to Guide You

In this article we dive into the meanings behind the Sanskrit words that have inspired our sets. Each of these words have significant wisdom and knowledge behind them that can provide guidance along your journey.

What is Sanskrit?

Sanskrit is an ancient language full of wisdom that can be transformative for your mindset and growth. Sanskrit is believed to be one of the oldest Indo-European languages with origins dating back to 1700-1200 BCE. This mother language is filled with beautiful and deep meanings, many of which can be translated to English to teach us new and transformative perspectives.

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The Sanskrit language can help to deepen your yoga practice and expand your outlook on both your external and internal environment. When you have a greater understanding of the meaning behind the poses in your yoga practice and get to know some of these inspirational words, you can take your practice to the next level and experience greater joy throughout the day. Since the Sanskrit language is full of meaning and deep knowledge, it can be leveraged as a guide through difficult decisions. Below are some of the most inspirational Sanskrit words and their definitions.


Asana - Sanskrit Meaning

asana yoga definition

You may be familiar with asana defined as the physical practice of yoga poses, however the meaning goes deeper than this. Asanas are an important way to practice alignment between your mind and body as a way to improve your physical health, wellbeing, and mental state. When you combine deep breathing with the flow of your body through yoga practice, you will experience true bliss and inner peace. You will feel balanced and more connected as you are combining physical movements with breathing exercises.


Ananda – Sanskrit Meaning


ananda definition bliss

Ananda translates to supreme bliss or the highest version of oneself. It can also represent joy from all sides. When you experience pure bliss, you are not as reactive to your external environment and your happiness comes from within. One of the most important ways to maintain a state of joy and contentment is to practice gratitude each and every morning.

A gratitude practice is most effective first thing in the morning because it shapes the way you will see the world that day. When you first wake up, shift your brain from thinking of what you have to do and what responsibilities you have that day to what you have to be thankful for. It takes a lot of practice, but it will get easier over time. When you wake up, your mind will begin to recognize all of the joyful and beautiful aspects of your life that you may not have observed before. This daily practice will set your day up for success and life you to a higher vibration for the day.

Another way to practice gratitude is by writing in a journal when you first wake up in the morning and before you fall asleep at night. Even if you are writing three things that you are grateful for, you are beginning and ending each day with recognition for the beautiful parts of your life which will transform the way your mind functions. At the end of each day, you will notice great things that happened throughout the day which will make you feel accomplished and productive.

By practicing gratitude, you will be more observant of little things in life that bring you joy and more focused on the abundant and happy aspects of your life. This will lead to a more mindful and present day that will inevitably bring a constant state of joy and bliss.


Bodhi - Sanskrit Meaning


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You may have heard of the Bodhi Tree, which was known as the tree of wisdom to symbolize compassion and knowledge in Buddhism. Bodhi in Sanskrit is an important word representing the awakening or enlightenment as it pertains to spiritual understanding. Some practices suggest letting go of distractions to rid oneself of false beliefs and seek a higher state of awareness. In Buddhism, it is believed that we all have seeds of awakening within to be discovered that will enlighten us and improve our overall experience of life.


The idea of Bodhi, or feeling spiritually enlightened, is that you have the ability to completely comprehend life and the world around you, and a great sense of self-realization.

“To study the way is to study the self. To study the self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to be enlightened by all things.” -Dogen


Lila - Sanskrit Meaning


lila sanskrit definition

Lila is pronounced lee-lah. Lila in Sanskrit can be loosely translated to “divine play” or having sporty and playful characteristics as opposed to self-conscious or insecure ones. Even though we may not be able to fully capture the deep meaning of this Sanskrit word in our English translation, there is a lot to learn from the concepts behind the word Lila.

Think about the characteristics of your childhood self. Young, free, and without a care in the world, you were likely spontaneous and did not put much thought into your decisions. If you were like me, you were creative, not concerned about the opinions or thoughts of others, and you felt free to run and play. These types of characteristics seem to be the simplest parts of life that turn into some of the most complex as we grow older and experience more.

As we age and start to see some of the complexities of the world, the authentic versions of ourselves seem to get brushed under the rug and the thoughts and opinions of those around us seem to weigh more and more on our decisions and actions. Rather than running free and expressing our true selves, we tend to allow worry and fear to hold us back. We crave approval from others and want to fit in, so we conform to the beliefs of those around us. Lila tells us to let go of the limiting beliefs that keep us from chasing our dreams and to go where we feel the most free.

Lila inspires us to follow our creative side, let go of insecurities, tap into our playful side, and listen to the inner child that wants to express authenticity without fear. Lean into your inner child for the playfulness and creativity that you have pushed away for so long and you will feel a sense of inner peace and light-heartedness.


Moksha - Sanskrit Meaning


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Moksha is defined in Sanskrit as liberation, freedom, and release. Moksha refers to a stage where one has dropped material attachments and identifications to feel truly free with a feeling of true self-realization. We often feel trapped by identifications and labels that were subconsciously placed on us at very young ages that transform into limiting beliefs without us realizing it. These beliefs can have extremely significant impacts on our wellbeing and livelihood.

Moksha can inspire release from these negative beliefs that trigger fear, anxiety, feelings of unworthiness, and feeling trapped. When we go deep within and identify the origins of these limiting beliefs, we can understand why they have held us back for so long and can release our attachment to them.

Discovering subconscious patterns and beliefs that you have been unknowingly been attached to for long portions of time can cause resistance and fear but can be extremely liberating and bring you closer to your most authentic self. Letting go of beliefs that no longer serve you and may cause you to feel trapped is crucial to getting closer to your dreams and reaching your highest potential.


Prana - Sanskrit Meaning


The Sanskrit word Prana can be translated into a number of meanings including breath, life force, and vital principle. Prana relates to breath in regards to energy channels and pathways that can be leveraged for improved wellbeing, mental and physical health, and happiness. Breath is what keeps us alive, but we often forget about its existence. When you observe your breath and tap into its power, you can use the breath for intentional energy flow.


When you practice intentional breathing and take deep purposeful breaths daily, you can experience alignment and balance across all layers of being. You will feel a mind-body connection that can take you

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closer to your highest state of being. Energy is crucial for transforming your mindset and way of life, and breathwork allows you to take control of your own energy.  Prana is the dynamic force present in every aspect of life, so understanding how you can generate and channel it will allow for significant self-growth and development.


One of the most powerful and important parts of the yoga practice is known as pranayama. Prana, representing the breath and life energy, and Ayama representing extension, provides a breathing practice that is filled with benefits. Pranayama can provide mental clarity, steady the mind and provide inner peace, promote relaxation, and improve brain function.


When you are intentional about your breathing, you will find that your mental state and wellbeing will improve significantly, and you will not feel as reactive to the external environment. Taking time to go inward and practice breathing in silence can allow you to find balance and an understanding of the most authentic version of yourself.


There are tons of pranayama techniques that can help guide you. Here are four different pranayama techniques, how to do them, and the best times to practice them:,the%20breath%20for%20a%20moment


Shakti - Sanskrit Meaning


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Shakti is the name of the The Great Divine Mother, a goddess recognized for the creation of dynamic forces and energy in the universe. Shakti represents divine feminine energy that is dynamic and powerful. When we are inspired by Shakti, we realize the creative power and strength that lies within each and every being. We are free from the limiting beliefs that hold us back and realize the importance of expression. We are empowered and inspired by other women and can feel confident in our authentic selves.


Shakti represents a powerful force that can provide empowerment from within and the release of external validation. Through Shakti, we can find the feminine power and energy for expression and open new doorways. Shakti can be extremely transformative in the way we view ourselves and evolve through self-realization.



Tapas - Sanskrit Meaning


tapas sankrit

The word Tapas in Sanskrit translates to heat energy or inner fire. It signifies self-discipline and inner passion. Think of Tapas as the very things that set your soul on fire and the ability to keep moving through adversity and struggle. Tapas is the energy you feel when you are passionate about something and it warms you up from within. Along the spiritual journey, Tapas represents the willingness to keep trying and to feel the inner fire and follow it as a guide. When you allow the lessons you learn along the way to provide you with strength, you are filled with motivation that translates into discipline.


When you are following your inner guide and what fuels your inner fire, you will find much less resistance to self-discipline. It is important to practice solitude and breathing in silence to listen to your intuition and find what fuels your fire. 


How Sanskrit Words Can Inspire You


Sanskrit words not only act as a guide through day to day decisions and actions, but also through challenging periods in your life. You will notice that these words will inspire you in different ways depending on the path you are currently on.


We chose to name each piece from our Kosha Fit line after a different Sanskrit word because we understand that there are so many different aspects of the spiritual journey that lead to alignment, balance, and fulfillment. By studying and discovering the meanings behind Sanskrit words, you can allow them to inspire you and guide you through different periods throughout your journey.


These posts are created in an effort to inspire and empower you to develop authenticity and alignment. If there is any part of this post where you would like more clarity or a deeper understanding, please let me know! As always, thank you so much for supporting Kosha Fit.


With Gratitude,



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