Founded With Purpose - About Kosha Fit

The Five Koshas

Kosha Fit is based on the ideas described in the ancient Vedic text, Taittiriya Upanishad. Each kosha, or layer of being is equally represented in our logo, signifying alignment. 

Our Mission

Kosha Fit activewear inspires alignment through the five layers of being to promote confidence and authenticity. Our mission is to make every woman feel empowered and motivated through any type of movement.

Our timeless pieces are designed to be sweat and squat proof, sculpting, and the perfect balance between comfort and performance.

Kosha Fit workout sets bridge the gap between activewear and streetwear, taking you from your favorite workout class to the local coffee shop.

Our Logo

Each of the five lines in our logo represents a kosha, or layer of being. The five koshas can guide you towards decisions that keep you balanced - ready to take on whatever the day may bring.

The koshas in the logo act as a reminder to yourself and everyone who crosses your path to show up and make decisions in alignment. By practicing bliss, discernment, and positive energy while maintaining mental and physical health, you can find inner peace and feel empowered as your most authentic self. 


As a female-founded brand, we understand the importance of quality and fit and feeling confident in our workout sets is our main priority.

More than a clothing brand, we provide our community with resources to discover the most authentic version of themselves.

About the Founder

After years of searching for stability and balance, Jordan discovered the importance of inner work to become the most empowered version of herself. She described this practice as discovering alignment in all aspects of her life using the five koshas as a way to reflect and cultivate self-awareness. After realizing the impacts this practice had on her life, she created the Kosha Fit brand to inspire, empower, and spread the message to the women in her community.


"My mission is to inspire women to cultivate their own self-awareness and discover their own alignment through activewear that makes one feel confident and empowered.

With an overload of distractions at our fingertips, it is easy to avoid being present with our thoughts. As I practiced self-awareness through meditation and journaling in efforts to calm my anxiety, I came to realize that I was searching for external validation as my source of happiness instead of looking within. Implementing the values of the kosha teachings has improved my well-being significantly and inspired me to spread the word to women everywhere.

Learn about our ethical standards & sustainability efforts here.